Comerica Bank Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Comerica Bank Login:

How to Log Into Comerica:

1. The start is always visiting the right page. Use this link to get there: This page is the official Comerica Bank Login page. If you visit this page at least once a week, like many do, it would be a good idea to bookmark the page in your browser as soon as you connect to it.
2. As you might expect, you can now see a two-step login for Comerica Bank. You probably already know what to do here, but go ahead and type your User ID into the top box. This may also be your account number with Comerica.
3. Just type your password into the password section next. This is an obvious step, but be careful as you do it. Bank sites will usually protect unwanted access by limiting your login attempts to two or three tries. To avoid confusion and delays, just be careful the first time.
4. You usually don't need to bother with the drop-down menu, so go ahead and just press the "login" button on this page. If you had no problems with your password or username, you should be logged in with no further effort.


Instructions for Resetting your Password:

1. If you did have trouble or simply want to change the password you use to log into Comerica, stay on the login page. If you are already there, then ignore this step.
2. Click on the blue-lettered link to the right of the password entry box.
3. This link will take you to a page that asks you to input information into two more boxes.
4. As instructed, type your email into the second box, after typing your user ID into the top box on that page.
5. Click on the small grey "next" button near the bottom of the page. When this is done, you should follow the instructions that follow. This will involve visiting some links and eventually setting up a new password and reentering it for verification purposes. It sounds difficult, but it is actually pretty easy. If you have gone through all these steps and still need help, refer to the contact information below.

How to Contact Comerica:

1. Here are a number of phone numbers you can use to contact Comerica:
800.266.3742 Eastern time zone
800.925.2160 Central time zone
800.522.2265 Mountain/Pacific time zones
TDD: 800.822.6546 For the Hearing Impaired